StorePorter: it's webstore genius

Country Village Shoppe

Gina O’Brien

In online sales, there are different trends every year — sometimes even every month. StorePorter is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the market and my business. StorePorter is as committed to our success as we are, and that’s something you just don’t find every day. StorePorter has been with us since our very first SKU, so I’ve never had to feel the pains of trying to manage inventory that’s going in and out of stock rapidly. I can’t imagine not being able to do things like set inventory thresholds or make changes to the description of all my products with a few simple clicks. When I ask the StorePorter team about features that would help my business succeed, they are usually able to customize the software for me. StorePorter helps us maintain our webstore, but they also help us understand how to grow our eCommerce presence and provide the tools we need to make that happen. They suggested we migrate from ProStores to Bigcommerce, and did a great job of ensuring the transition was smooth. Since moving to Bigcommerce, our monthly business has doubled, and our conversion rates have come close to doubling as well.